V-Fire Evacuation System

The V-Fire evacuation system is a tough reliable and simple to use system designed for the construction industry. Our fully wireless system is easy to install and can be fitted in a temporary or short notice deployment.

Some other features of the V-Fire are:

  • Can hold up to 30 detectors
  • Fully wireless
  • Easy installation and redeployments
  • Fully monitored

Bespoke solution

Our fire team will listen to your requirements and then design a bespoke solution for your exact needs.

We can audit your premises - whether that's a single office or multiple commercial buildings - and determine the most appropriate locations to install your fire alarm system so it can work as effectively as possible.

First Responder Stations

The First Responder Stations are reliable, mobile means of deploying numerous Health & Safety equipment onto your sites and the key areas within them.

The First Responder Stations ensure staff and project safety in the most remote and difficult to reach areas of a project whilst also ensuring widespread coverage over large scale sites, our types include:

  • Fire Point Centre
  • First Aid Centre
  • Emergency Spill Control Centre.



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